The High Priestess in the Major Arcana

Upright: Insight, Mystery, Understanding, Wisdom, Intuition, Spirituality
Reversed: Uncertainty, Illusions, Misguidance

Representing the birth of duality, The High Priestess in the Major Arcana is the second card in the twenty-two stations, representative of femininity, of nurturing and potential. The ultimate symbol of balance and manifestation. Traditionally, she is known as the physical origin of the emotional plane. She represents the beginning of life in the emotional body as well as the Mother of Mothers, Mother Nature. In any position, the High Priestess might represent a figure of great importance to the readee, such as a teacher or a guide. She is also known as the guardian of alternatives and knowledge of the other. Concerning of the water element, she also represents the moon, intuition and enlightenment.

In Tarot cards, she is seen seated between a Black Pillar (symbolic of a negative life force) and a White Pillar (symbolic of positive life force) and balances the two. On her lap is the Torah, which means ‘Divine Law’, something not meant for all to uncover. When you receive the High Priestess in a reading, you can expect the question to be shrouded in great mystery that only the practice of listening to your intuition can help you discover. She is connected to the Moon (she wears a Moon crown) indicating illusions, the difficulty to see things for what they are.

In a personal spread, the card is indicative of illusions that may be surrounding you or blurring your vision. The card advises spiritual intuition that allows for communication with your consciousness and surrounding yourself with purity. Find time to quiet your mind and have the patience to trust that the process will help you, that all truth reveals itself. The High Priestess in the Major Arcana is the manifestation of the desires of The Magician. Depend on her to bless your will.

In a love spread, The High Priestess in the Major Arcana is symbolic of the Feminine and Masculine energy that is required to understand the energies that lie within all of us – which helps a lot when it comes to our personal relationships. She shows up in a similar light to The Moon card when it comes to questions pertaining to love and relationships. When she shows up in relation to a reading about love, it encourages the possibility that not all is seen appropriately in a relationship or during the pursuit of acquiring one. The High Priestess solves issues whenever there is a disagreement between partners and she assists by providing intuition that enables partners to communicate and get to the root of issues. In personal application, The High Priestess is a reminder to listen to your intuition for assistance, which is important, especially in regards to matters of the heart. Alternatively, The High Priestess is also an encouragement to seek truths in a relationship. If you have concerns regarding the relationship you are in, it is important to follow your instincts in a way that is not detrimental to you and the other party. Your gut might be telling you that your partner has been dishonest, but the card reminds us that sometimes we are sensitive to specific issues and the situation is truly not as dire as we make it to be. If this is the case, take advice from the surrounding cards before acting impulsively or jumping to conclusions.

In a health spread, The High Priestess in the Major Arcana appears when it is necessary to focus on matters concerning the reproductive health – she balances the progesterone and testosterone that lies within all of us. As a card from the Major Arcana, our attention should be especially drawn and it might be a good idea to visit a medical professional if there are uncertainties.

In a career spread, The High Priestess in the Major Arcana is indicative of shedding light on all that you may not be aware of – in business and in wealth. This could mean paperwork that you previously were not aware of to come up. She brings clarity and certainty in matters relating to business and clears the sullied waters so that they positively influence your vision.

Reversed, The High Priestess in the Major Arcana signifies that you may be completely detached from your intuition. Messages are being sent to you in your everyday life but you might be experiencing a block. You are not listening to your inner wisdom or gut feelings. The way to be open to receiving these messages would be to practice meditation.