The Fool in the Major Arcana

Upright: New Beginnings, Optimism, Important Decisions, Freedom
Reversed: Impulsive, Childish, Foolish, Selfish, Thoughtless, Careless

Card 0 in the Major Arcana, The Fool commonly represents the start of the story, our childlike selves in the beginning of our cycle. He is often depicted as a young person holding a bag in his hand and appears to be going somewhere, unclear where the final destination might be. In more traditional texts, The Fool is known as Card 22 – the immortal mortal. He is The Magician (Card 1) who has learnt all of his lessons. Invincible with a complete lack of fear. The Fool in the Major Arcana understands that at birth, we begin to die; at death, we begin to live.

The card presents complete balance and awareness, transcendent of space and time. The Fool in the Major Arcana is known as the ‘ultimate optimist’. He appears very lucky to onlookers and is indeed charmed.

The Fool in the Major Arcana finds humor in all things. Unmitigated joy, walking on air and the ability to see positive lessons inherent in any presentation of negativity, The Fool transforms pain into pleasure. He represents the lightening of the spirit that comes with the enlightening of the mind. Breaking free from routines and embarking on new adventures, even if outcomes are uncertain. He resists monotony and always welcomes change.

In a personal spread, The Fool represents endless possibilities. Decisions you make will help propel you forward into the next stage of your development. Like all Major Arcana cards, The Fool brings you a message you should not ignore. Step out of your comfort zone and do something you never considered previously. The eternal Optimist, The Fool is lucky because he knows no other way of being. Whatever decisions you choose, there will be clarity once change is in motion. If you can find the positivity in change, you will find your happiness.

In a love spread, The Fool encourages you to embrace your inner child (or fool), to allow yourself to be vulnerable with a lover and to fall in love unconditionally, even if there are no guarantees. Tear down all the walls that surround your heart and let yourself enjoy the wild energy of love.
Sometimes we get cuts and bruises pursuing our paths, and The Fool in the Major Arcana represents getting up time and time again whenever he stumbles across failure. Doubt is a sort of indecision that stems from our fears. It would be better to make any decision to free ourselves from chains that bind you.

In a health spread, The Fool emphasizes the need for physical activity. The card shows up in a spread if you have been living in a somewhat dormant existence. It indicates time to step out the door and pursue activities you have not considered before in order to help overall health relating to the circulatory system and strengthening muscles.

In a career spread, The Fool represents taking new approaches in the way you practice your daily routines. In some cases, it could also indicate searching for a new career completely – although not encouraging us to leave our jobs, but rather pay attention to opportunities around you in your current phase. The Fool in the Major Arcana seeks to gain sustenance for all parts of the body, mind and spirit. Welcoming change into your working experience will grant you greater satisfaction. Take a leap sometimes, trust and pursue something to the very end of the road.

Reversed, The Fool in the Major Arcana represents irresponsibility and  misplaced or offensive humor. Complete foolishness is common – you may know better and yet for some reason of whim, neglect or malice, chooses to go against your own knowledge. There may be a tendency to be overly ambitious to the extent that you take advantage of others, or lie to get ahead. These behaviours counter the energy of The Fool, who encourages being carefree and happy, and not riddling yourself with problems like being indiscreet or thoughtless in actions. Consider the entanglements you are getting yourself into by trying to get ahead too quickly.

For new relationships, The Fool indicates a ‘false start’ – jumping into things too soon, impulsiveness. Stop and smell the roses. Look to build a steady foundation before proceeding further.

At work, The Fool is like a warning concerning areas that involve finances and handling of situations. Not known for being grounded, The Fool reversed indicates gathering experience and setting goals before jumping forward.

In health, The Fool advises to focus on stress reduction and learning to have more mental and physical rest. It indicates a good time to hold off risk taking, and cautions against starting a new health and fitness routine.