The Empress in the Major Arcana

Upright: Abundance, Creativity, Fertility, Productivity, Fulfilment
Reversed: Dependence, Smothering, Poverty Mindset, Instability

The Empress in the Major Arcana is the third stop of the journey. She represents the beginning of life in the mental body – education, knowledge. She is the teacher of teachers and chief of communication, known to be connected with record-keeping, history, administration and government work. In some learnings, The Empress in the Major Arcana is also associated with Confucianism, where there is a professional and ordered control of society. She garners the principles of civilisation and acts as a mental guide.

Conventionally, The Empress in the Major Arcana represents mothering love or an authoritative, kind figure. In some spreads, she even represents pregnancy or childbirth. As opposed to the nurturing side of the female, she also represents the organizing and ambitious side aspiring the best for herself and her community, the birth of Logic and Reason.

It is important to note that in the Major Arcana, cards like The Empress (or The Emperor, The High Priestess, The Hierophant) that possess distinctly feminine/masculine personas represent the qualities in us, female and male alike.

The Empress in the Major Arcana is usually a motherly representation indicating that you ought to look out for someone or someone is looking out for you. She can be represented as an older woman (although not strictly female) with an authority that comes from a place of wisdom and experience.
In a personal spread, The Empress in the Major Arcana presents you with a form of extroverted abundance. It indicates being well taken care of and attaining everything that you desire. She sits on a throne made of cushion and revels in luxury. The field of wheat outstretched before her has sacred association to Egyptian goddess Isis, and the land of milk and honey after a journey of hard labour. Her crown of twelve stars and six points illustrates her control over the cosmos. She is also known as Venus, the goddess of love: plump, curvy, a wealth-magnet, fertile and the epitome of female strength. Receiving this card in your reading means you are making the right decisions, that you are supported and there could be a myriad of possibilities and abundance around you. Rewards are coming your way.

Feminine energies typically represent emotions and intuitive understanding. As advice, she is a reminder lessons you have learnt will continue to benefit you. Applying wisdom and knowledge from your experiences promise emotional rewards.

In a love spread, The Empress in the Major Arcana could be an indication of worship from your partner or suitor(s). Everyone flocks to you like moths to a light because you are the god/goddess of love, and you are irresistible. While this card is a good indication in a love spread, it is a reminder of self-love too. Be a little selfish sometimes and do not compromise your beliefs or integrity for anyone.

In a health spread, The Empress in the Major Arcana translates to the time to “stop and smell the roses”. You are likely to be in a place where you are able to reap the rewards of your hard work and be pleased with everything you have accomplished. Healing from a busy time is important as a preventative measure to protect your health. She reminds us to take time off in order to see the perspective of a job well done. If the question is regarding reproductive health, The Empress shows support to pregnancy and feminine health.

In a career spread, The Empress in the Major Arcana indicates the time to invest. If you have been contemplating whether or not to take your business to the next level, the advice from this card is to take a step away from work for a while and to enjoy/live in the moment rather than constantly looking for ways to make more money. The Empress commonly shows up as an indicator you may be spreading yourself too thin. It will be unwise to make large decisions in employment or financial issues. She offers nurturing and a deeply rooted foundation. These things take time in work matters and while it is important to aim high, you need to consider the time to develop yourself and the environment.

Reversed, The Empress in the Major Arcana is symbolic of infertility, lack of abundance and stability. This typically happens when one is a perfectionist and too caught up in details. Take a short break to gather a new perspective. The card also advises to use caution in spending habits and set up a nest egg for yourself to prepare yourself in the event that something goes wrong. This card indicates a ‘poverty mindset’ too, and reminds you that you are worthy of relaxation and rewards sown after your hard work.