Testimonial by Yi Hui

  • 24 February 2021

“After session 2 with Jeremy, I applied the visualisation technique to work on my procrastination issues. This made me feel more confident in approaching difficult tasks. It also sparked an excitement in me as I focused on the process of learning and not just on the results. Throughout the week, I also took some time to draw. Even though the drawing was not perfect, I like how it turned out and I am now looking forward to the next time when I can indulge in my creative expressions again.

In the beginning of session 3, we talked about deconstructing old limiting beliefs and creating new empowering ones. It made me realise that:

1. the only person who knows myself best is me
2. Asking for help is actually more beneficial than trying to do everything on my own

Jeremy also pointed out to me what are the recurring patterns that are coming up such as wanting to feel successful. I found out that I can be recognized for things other than my academic achievements. I’ve been so focused on achieving good grades that it’s been taking a toll on me. I feel like I am always not satisfied with my results and worry that even if I did well for this semester, I might not be able to maintain my grades and gpa. It’s a never ending cycle where I’d just want to achieve more and more, but i’d never feel satisfied. Thank you Jeremy for making me realise this.”