FTTP Testimonial by Violet Wong

  • 24 February 2021

“I’m so so glad I decided to work with Jeremy because I was feeling stuck on “being myself” around new people. It took me quite some time to warm up around new people.

Jeremy was able to use my natal chart to uncover insights about me and about the problems I was facing.

From sessions 2 – 6, Jeremy used his workbook to go through the sessions. All his prompts and questions made me look deeper into myself and into the past. I was able to have my mindset shift FASTER than I thought (at session 2 or 3) It was the sudden realization + Jeremy’s prompting made me realise that my past childhood memory caused me to shut down in fear whenever I talk to people of authority.

I feel so much lighter with me knowing that I can have meaningful conversations and connect with people at ease. I can go and live my purpose and stop living in fear. I was also equipped with techniques on how to reframe my thoughts if I need to, so honestly, I feel so empowered to go and work on the future I truly desire.”