Sun In The Second House

Positive Keywords:Self-sufficient, Materially resourceful, Financially Adept
Negative Keywords: Flaunting One’s Posessions, Materially Possessive, Spoilt

With the Sun in the Second House, the native’s sense of identity is closely tied to his material possessions and belongings. His self-value is dependent on what he has, or how much he has.

Since the position of the Sun represents where the native finds most comfortable with self-expression in, the Sun in the Second House confers the native opportunities to handle and experience wealth and other material resources. Assets will commonly flow through and transactions will be valuable lessons, as the native is here to learn how to handle or manage his resources well. By looking at the aspects that the Sun in the Second House makes to other planets in the natal chart, it gives us clues to identify which areas of her life will her identification with material resources permeate in as well.
If the Sun in the Second House makes positive aspects (Trines, Sextiles etc.) to other planets, the flow of money between the houses that the planets reside in conveys a smooth process that will not be identified as a problem in the native’s life. However, if negatively aspected, the quest for self-sufficiency could get the native embroiled into issues of possessiveness, or even inherit a negative attitude towards money.

A potential issue that a person with Sun in the Second House might face is that of possessiveness. The danger of taking ownership of everything or everyone in his life could lead to a very obscure sense of self-esteem – espescially when what he thinks he owns is taken away from him. At this instant, he might feel as though his identity is robbed away from him. There is hence a need to focus on utilizing his resources in a more constructive manner. By valuing people and his resources as dispensable units which he is free to dispense as blessings to others, he would have learnt the integral lesson required of the Sun in the Second House.

Instead of becoming materially obsessed, the spiritual purpose of having the Sun in the Second House is realizing one’s destiny of being the source of light that provides resources to others.

In a Woman’s Chart, the Sun in the Second House is an indication that her Father was someone who was well-to-do and financially provided for her throughout her childhood. Scarcity was something that she never experienced or would never want to experience. The thought of having anything less than what she has, or had, might be unacceptable to her. This is a reason why she would look for a spouse, or husband, who could provide her with the same level of material comfort as she once had.