Sun In The 3rd House

Positive Keywords: Skilled and creative Communicator, Witty and Keen Learner, sociable
Negative Keywords: Gossipy, Smart-alec, Oversharing of information

When Sun is in the Third House, the native’s identity is tied closely to the need to learn, relate and communicate. Traditionally ruled by Gemini, the Third House is also known as the House of the Intellect. The presence of the Sun in this placement would empower the native’s ability in picking up information and skillsets much faster as compared to the average person. Since the 3rd House also governs one’s early childhood, often a child with Sun in the 3rd House will excel in his studies due to his overt curiosities and keen observations. With Knowledge comes pride, and the child yet to mature, might overshare and overstep certain social boundaries. One of the traits to watch out for with Sun in the 3rd House is the strong need to prove that he is intellectually more inclined than the rest, and as a result, be treated as a smart-alec.

With the Sun in the 3rd House, the native desires to be recognized for what he has to say or contribute. The native’s spiritual destiny lies in learning how to find avenues to express his ideas, often in manners that are best received by the public. This lesson would most definitely be learnt only after been through situations that teaches the native the power and influence of his voice. Most often, the native with Sun in the 3rd House will enjoy professions that involve teaching, writing, or the transmitting of information between personals.

The 3rd House also represents our immediate surroundings as well. So it is highly likely that the native will enjoy mingling and socializing with his neighbours. Ruling also the House of Short Trips and Transportation, the native with Sun in the 3rd House will feel most fulfilled being able to travel or commute to certain areas or countries not afar from where he lives. However, if the Sun is negatively aspected – especially by Chiron, Uranus or Mars, the native’s might meet with accidents on their journeying.