Sun in the 1st House: The Newborn Leader

Positive Keywords: Self-Confidence, Vitality, Leadership Qualities
Negative Keywords: Inflated Ego, Overbearing, Arrogance

If you have the Sun in the First House, this would mean that you are born just before sunrise – or during the phase of the Rising Sun, as it is otherwise known traditionally. Naturally, the Sun’s location in the First House grants the native a strong, commanding presence amongst others, all of whom will yearn to follow in his light. In this manner, the gifts of self-confidence and vitality are bestowed upon the native when the Sun is in the First House of self-identity and the physical body.

The Sun and the Ego

Also representing the Ego, with Sun in the First House, the planet’s innate warmness often places him in positions of leadership and authority, which the native fulfils and projects almost naturally.

The Sun is most potent in a Fire and Masculine Sign (for eg. Aries, Leo or Sagittarrius). Just as the Sun confers life to the natural world, the native with Sun in the 1st House emits warmness and vitality from the native’s very state of being. In this position, the native has a robust physical constitution which allows him to recuperate from illness or setbacks quickly. The native will keep himself extremely active since his physical body and well-being is of utmost importance, or in some cases, will be identified by others for. Because the First House is traditionally governed by Aries – the sign of eagerness and warrior-like instincts – the Sun’s optimism in the First House makes the native a fighter who is progressively working towards his goals.

However, if negatively expressed, an issue the native might experience is the embodiment of an impulsive streak that positions himself as being overbearing and arrogant. With a very strong clear sense of who he is or what he desires, the native with this planetary position might act on his will regardless of what others feel or think, possibly leading to conflicts of interest. In this moment, the Sun overpowers the identities of others. Pride, when uncontrolled, is a trait that might get out of hand for someone with Sun in the First House. An advice here is to practice humility and learn to be humble. The tendency to have an inflated ego could possibly work backwards and cause the native to be recognized by others in a negative light.

The Sun is also an indication of the Father. With Sun in the First House, the native perceives his father as an upbeat and well-liked figure of influence in his life. There is often an urge to express himself in manners that is receptive to the adoration by the rest of world. This is an indication that the individual has a rather magnetic presence and will be well-received by others just by radiating warmth.

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