The North Node Embodiment Program:
Taking you from Trauma to Purpose

Looking To Heal Your Trauma and Reclaim Your Purpose?

This 3-Month 1:1 coaching program provides a cohesive, structured and supportive curriculum to safely delve into your root-cause trauma so that you can build unwavering trust in your self-worth and value in this world.

You will be guided on your personal journey to decode your trauma patterns and discover your unique purpose so that you can fully embody and express the gifts of your Astrological North Node.

If you are ready to break out of your old patterns and create the changes in communities you’ve always been wanting to serve, then The North Node Embodiment Program is for YOU.

Thinking if you’ll be the right fit?

The North Node Embodiment Program Roadmap

1. Trauma-Informed Astrology Natal Chart Assessment

Discover how your personal natal chart gives you insights into your trauma that needs to be released and healed, so that you can be aligned with your North Node.

2. Decoding Your Trauma Patterns

Discover the patterns behind your coping behaviours and identify the root-cause trauma that has been keeping you safe, stuck and stagnant all these while.

3. Creating Empowering Beliefs

Learn how to rewire and reframe old limiting beliefs that have been keeping you in self-doubt so that you can move into self-trust.

4. Stepping into Your Purpose Patterns

Connect the dots between your past experiences and how they inform your North Node narrative. Construct your unique Purpose Patterns that you will now be empowered to live by.

5. Collapsing Time & Space

Experience guided embodiment exercises that will help you process difficult emotions of the past and find safety in your body, so that you can embody your future self in the here and now.

6. Expressing Your North Node Narrative

Learn how to audit, arrange and align your environment so that you can progressively embody and express your North Node in the long run.

This Coaching Program is Designed to Help You If:


  • You understand that the Past does not define you and living your Unique Purpose heals your Trauma.
  • You identify as a Change Maker who feels called to help and serve others but you are seeking clarity on how you can do so.
  • You want to create impact and influence in the world around you as a Change Maker but self-doubt is holding you back.
  • You are ready to embody your Astrological North Node in your natal chart
  • You are ready to see massive changes in your relationships, career and life, that best reflects the highest expression of your Self.
  • You are ready to commit to deeper inner-work, invest in your personal growth and be held accountable to take consistent, imperfect actions towards your goals.

Here’s What You Can Expect From the Program:

  • Walk away with renewed clarity over your childhood wounds that are keeping you in self-doubt
  • Gain unwavering trust in your value and worth to the world by finding your unique purpose
  • Attract aligned opportunities and make empowered decisions that light you up from within
  • Heal from your trauma and deepen your connection with your intuition
  • Discover the secrets of emotional embodiment by collapsing time and space so that you can find release from your emotional past traumas and step into your unique purpose
  • Create impact, influence and change in the communities you are meant to serve 
  • An actionable gameplan and roadmap that FEELS SAFE enough for you to begin expressing your unique gifts and North Node to the world around you

Frequently Asked Questions

No. All consultations or coaching sessions will be held online over Zoom.

A Zoom Recording of our session will be sent over to you within 3 days after we meet up.

If you are deemed a suitable fit for the program, you will be contacted within 3 days via email, Instagram or Telegram. An Alignment Cal will be scheduled with you over zoom to touch base and get to know one another better!

I’ll also be taking this opportunity to share with you more in detail about the Program as well as to answer any specific questions you might have.

Yes, if you’re currently a student, you are entitled to join the Program at a lower price point.

There are also Installment Plans available. I will share these with you over the Alignment Call.

While this is not advised, but you may opt out of the natal chart reading session from the program where there will be a slight discount.

No, there is no guarantee of any results because the results of this program is also dependent on the client's responsibility on doing the tasks assigned.

While the FTTP program is a robust, tried and through program that has managed to help multitudes of my clients achieve transformative results in their lives, but the degree of success will always depend and vary from every unique individual.

You may check out our testimonials to see what my clients have to say about the program and decide for yourself if it is the right program for you.

Approximately 1 week.

However, if you require more time to reflect and integrate the key learnings from each session, do let me know as well and I will try to make this program work for you.

I will be made accessible to you over text or email throughout the duration of our 6 weeks together. You may write in to me detailing any of your key insights or realizations you would like my input on and I will respond to you over text to the best of my abilities.

We can however, discuss the issue in detail during our next session.

As an ethical disclosure, I am not a licensed medical doctor, healthcare professional, therapist, counselor, and neither do I have any educational certification in Psychology.

The work that I share is solely based on my personal research, experiences gained from other programs, and over 2-years of personal practice of Psychological Astrology with my clients. For a more elaborate sense of what personal practice is like, you may check at @sacred-saturn on Instagram.

The information that I share is in no way meant to replace professional medical advice, therapy or medication.

When in doubt, please take only what makes practical sense to you and leave what doesn’t.


"His reading of the natal chart was so accurate that I was a bit anxious that he might end up figuring my whole life out. We talked about how the way my mum reacted caused me to feel hurt and form unhelpful patterns of seeking validation from her. It was painful to share certain things but Jeremy was empathetic and he was also very patient with me as I have trouble expressing myself. We came to a conclusion that in order to free myself from this pattern, I had to communicate with my mum to voice out my needs. It is tough, but definitely worth to try out."

- Yi Hui

“For some time I've been wanting to work on some of my deepest wounds/fears, in order to change the beliefs and conditioning I've experienced most of my life. As I have a tendency to repress my deepest emotions, this program with Jeremy highlighted the importance of such inner work — that you can only truly break free from them by leaning into the pain and letting the light in. During one session I found that I’ve been viewing my wounds as "flaws", and there was an inherent need to fix and heal myself. Instead of falling into usual patterns of being overly critical, feeling inadequate or comparing myself to others, Jem has guided me on how that programming can be changed, along with self compassion, self love and learning to accept myself for who I am. I'm glad to have gone through this process of learning and unlearning with Jem, whom I could trust, and whom allowed me to show up as I am, as my most authentic self. Reclaiming my power and breaking free from ingrained patterns has been an incredible and empowering journey, and I hope for everyone to experience the same as well.”

- Mabellyn Tan

FTTP Program
Jem saw that I had a huge people-pleasing tendency and never put myself first and how that actually hurts my relationships. I took a baby step and learned to trust my partner with my needs, and instead of feeling like a burden, I felt more loved than ever. I’m still working on vocalizing my needs, but this first step has made me feel more confident.” when Jem connected me with my past selves, it became so crystal clear that I have been harsh with them and with my own flaws. there was so much pent-up hurt and sadness that I broke down even though I’ve never cried in front of my friends. but I also felt - thank you Jem for healing me and helping me to reframe my flaws into something meaningful :’)”

- Melody Tai

FTTP Program
"I'm so so glad I decided to work with Jeremy because I was feeling stuck on "being myself" around new people. It took me quite some time to warm up around new people. Jeremy was able to use my natal chart to uncover insights about me and about the problems I was facing. From sessions 2 - 6, Jeremy used his workbook to go through the sessions. All his prompts and questions made me look deeper into myself and into the past. I was able to have my mindset shift FASTER than I thought (at session 2 or 3) It was the sudden realization + Jeremy's prompting made me realise that my past childhood memory caused me to shut down in fear whenever I talk to people of authority. I feel so much lighter with me knowing that I can have meaningful conversations and connect with people at ease. I can go and live my purpose and stop living in fear. I was also equipped with techniques on how to reframe my thoughts if I need to, so honestly, I feel so empowered to go and work on the future I truly desire."

- Violet Wong

FTTP Program
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Are you ready to Heal your Trauma and Reclaim your Purpose?