Trauma-Informed Natal Chart Reading

What if you could Unlock the Secrets behind your Soul’s Unique Blueprint?


A professional birth chart reading has the power to ignite your Sense of Purpose or help you develop a Deeper Relationship with self and others.

My Approach

Through Astrology, we examine how the natal chart provides insights into the ways you might have been conditioned to respond to your external environment due to your early childhood experiences.

These are the very same patterns that will constantly reoccur in your life unless you heal from the past.

My goal is to help you identify the root causes behind your self-sabotaging patterns, release the attachment to past emotional trauma and help you to find alignment with their authentic selves.

By focusing on points of potential conflicts indicated in my client’s chart, I provide counsel to surface parts of the individual that have been repressed, rejected or denied due to early childhood experiences.

Doing so allows my clients to break out out their past and to claim a live full of ease, freedom and purpose!

Our Astrology Services

1 Hour Trauma-Informed Natal Chart Reading

This single session aims to bring to awareness your psychological barriers and coping mechanisms conditioned by early patterns of conditioning. Your chart will provide insights into unresolved emotional trauma that are causing you to feel stuck in your present circumstances. Find out what these deblitating patterns are and how they play out in your life.

$180 SGD


"Jem’s niche truly lies in trauma work. My first session with him occured at a time when I was exploring other forms of therapy outside of talk therapy. Ultimately, my consultation with Jem felt like a thread that fit into the larger tapestry of self-work I’d started. I even formulated a very specific question, “What is my relationship with pressure?”, and Jem was able to excavate repressed connections that stretched back to my upbringing. Although the session was only an hour long, it felt longer due to the sheer amount of information packed into it. Yet, I never felt overwhelmed at any point. Jem is careful to mediate and pitch what he says to the client’s level.

- Elaine Mok

"His reading of the natal chart was so accurate that I was a bit anxious that he might end up figuring my whole life out. We talked about how the way my mum reacted caused me to feel hurt and form unhelpful patterns of seeking validation from her. It was painful to share certain things but Jeremy was empathetic and he was also very patient with me as I have trouble expressing myself. We came to a conclusion that in order to free myself from this pattern, I had to communicate with my mum to voice out my needs. It is tough, but definitely worth to try out."

- Yi Hui

In reading my birth chart, Jeremy was able to help me delve into my psyche, a level which I possibly couldn't do it myself. By linking the different areas of my birth chat to the patterns I experience in real life, I could see for the first time how my shadow side plays out from a third person point of view. It isn't angels and butterflies but understanding how my darker self expresses itself helps me understand the nuances that lie within myself, my wounds, and by extension is a step closer to wanting to embrace myself.

- Shu Qi

It really is very incredible how accurately you are able to translate the charts and the traumas - it might take a therapist or psychologist many many sessions to get to what you did in an hour! The space and energy you hold is that of a Wise Man and Father - a figure I think many of us missed in our childhood and so it was beautiful to receive that from you.

- Samantha Klomp

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Frequently Asked Questions

I practice Psychological Astrology and The House System that I was trained in and will be using is the Placidus House System.

In my practice, I use astrology as a tool for deeper psychological self-enquiry and examination.The planetary configurations provide me with an archetypal language and profile through which I will be able to understand your psychological makeup better.

Please note that there will not be any predictive readings or forecasting involved during the sessions. This is because I believe in the importance of managing ourselves and healing internally rather than attempting to control our external environment. The best way to predict our future is to lean into our own authority and create that which we desire for ourselves.

Yes, it is important to have an accurate birth time and location otherwise the natal chart will not be a full representation of who you are.

Astrology is the snapshot of the placements of planets at a precise time that you were born. This takes into consideration your birth location because night for some cities will be the day for others. What this means is that

But if it is indeed not possible for you to find out your exact birth time, do provide me with a timing to your best estimation. Take note however that the reading might not 100% resonate with you and there will not be any subsidized charges for the reading.

All consultations or coaching sessions will be held online over Zoom.

A Zoom Recording of our session will be sent over to you within 3 days after we meet up.

For those based in Singapore, Payment can be made via Paylah/Paynow or Bank Transfer options.

For those based outside of Singapore, Payment will be made via Paypal.

What You Can Expect From a Trauma-Informed Natal Chart Reading…


Getting UNSTUCK in your Work Situation

RECONNECTING with your sense of Purpose and Power

EMBRACING difficult but necessary Conversations

HEALING from Broken and Toxic Relationships

GAINING Clarity over Life Issues

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