Sun In The 3rd House

Positive Keywords: Skilled and creative Communicator, Witty and Keen Learner, sociable Negative Keywords: Gossipy, Smart-alec, Oversharing of information When Sun is in the Third House, the native’s identity is tied closely to the need to learn, relate and communicate. Traditionally ruled by Gemini, the Third House is also known as the House of the Intellect. The presence of the Sun in this placement would empower the native’s ability in picking up information and skillsets much faster as compared to the average person. Since the 3rd House also governs one’s early childhood, often a child with Sun in the 3rd House […]

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Sun In The Second House

Positive Keywords:Self-sufficient, Materially resourceful, Financially Adept Negative Keywords: Flaunting One’s Posessions, Materially Possessive, Spoilt With the Sun in the Second House, the native’s sense of identity is closely tied to his material possessions and belongings. His self-value is dependent on what he has, or how much he has. Since the position of the Sun represents where the native finds most comfortable with self-expression in, the Sun in the Second House confers the native opportunities to handle and experience wealth and other material resources. Assets will commonly flow through and transactions will be valuable lessons, as the native is here to […]

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Sun in the 1st House: The Newborn Leader

The Sun in the First House

Positive Keywords: Self-Confidence, Vitality, Leadership Qualities Negative Keywords: Inflated Ego, Overbearing, Arrogance If you have the Sun in the First House, this would mean that you are born just before sunrise – or during the phase of the Rising Sun, as it is otherwise known traditionally. Naturally, the Sun’s location in the First House grants the native a strong, commanding presence amongst others, all of whom will yearn to follow in his light. In this manner, the gifts of self-confidence and vitality are bestowed upon the native when the Sun is in the First House of self-identity and the physical […]

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